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When the author approached us, he had written a few journal entries and an outline for what he wanted to achieve in his book. We used this to create the foundation.

The Process:
We reviewed all content submitted by the author. Then applied the Hero’s Journey blueprint to Remy’s life to extract archetypes in his life and the nuggets of wisdom he needed to bring “home” to share with the world.

We conducted 17 interview sessions to allow us to articulate verbal content into a manuscript. Once all the content was captured, it created a 157 page draft manuscript.

Once the foundational manuscript draft was created, the focus was preserving the author’s voice and creating a good flow of story – so there was a lot of rearranging the text content to make sure the story flowed well.

Altogether, the book went through 2 rounds of editing, and took 3 months.

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We have a three-step process to determine if we are the right collaboration partner for you
1. Discovery Call
Call (202) 301-2555 to speak about your book writing needs to see if we are a good fit to work together.
2. Clarity Session
Together we will evaluate datials about your project to determine if we are a good fit to work together.
3. Timeline Assessment
Our team will begin mapping out a project delivery timeline based on the complexy of your writing needs.
Once that is done, we can begin your book writing process which can last 3-5 months. Our typical process includes collaborative planning and brainstorming sessions with a team of two or three book experts. The team members will review the work in progress, providing editing and consultation, to ensure the best possible result. At the end of this process, your book will be ready to be sent to traditional publishers. If you are considering self publishing, we can help you with that as well.

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