Her Name Is SHE

Who is SHE? On the outside, she appears to have it all together. She is described as fierce, fabulous and fine. Her timeline on social media sites are filled with accolades by other ‘shes’ affirming and echoing her greatness. If you don’t know her backsplash, you would be compelled to believe that the life she forecasts is the one she’s always known.

The external impairs authenticity to come forth. Beneath the surface lies a narrative contrary to the projected state of being. Perhaps she tried to emerge earlier in life, but fear, hurt or rejection pushed her back inside. She wants to emerge, but she needs assistance. SHE (aka Wisdom) can be the conduit for her recovery, if she only allows.

To find out more about the author Dr. Stephanie Helms Pickett, visit www.DrHelmsPickett.com

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