Pretty Brown Girl by Darling Shanta

About the Book

Dear Pretty Brown Girl,

Did you know that your skin comes in so many different shades? As a brown girl, our skin is more colorful than the rainbow. Some of us are pecan brown like pies on grandma’s table.  If you don’t look like a pecan pie, don’t worry.  Your skin may look like cute caramel candy-a tasty treat to the world.  Maybe you are a pretty peanut butter truffle, pecan tan, espresso brown, or like a grove of beautiful black cacao trees. Regardless of your color, the universe will find comfort in your shade.

About the Author


My name is Shanta Amira Johnson (Darling Shanta), CEO of Pretty Brown Skin Body Care Products.  I’m seven years old and I love to inspiré and enlighten others.

Everyone has a story, and this is mine. I launched Pretty Brown Skin Body Products one summer. My Skin had patches due to eczema and it was very embarrassing. But my mom and I found à remedy to my skin condition. We use all natural products that are safe for all types of skin. The same skin that once was embarrassing and ugly now is pretty. So that is how I came up with the name Pretty Brown Skin.

Everyone has greatness within but sometimes it takes others to help discover it. We must love ourselves first in order to love others. We must also embrace other’s differences and remember that we are all God’s masterpiece, and our life has purpose.


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