Unearthly Tales from Space by John Sparks

350TOP SECRET EMERGENCY TELEGRAPH – To: Authorized Personnel Only; Location: National Aeronautics Research Consortium (N.A.R.C.) Labs. From: Doctor Robert J. Guttenberg, N.A.R.C. Director. Attention, all personnel: Your help is desperately needed in relaying this message to anyone who will listen. One week ago, N.A.R.C. labs received an unearthly signal, emanating from the far side of the moon. The renowned Harvard graduate Dr. Sing Ann Howell can barely hold our computer together. Effective immediately, by Presidential order, a 24-hour work rotation is in effect. Project Blue Star, America’s nuclear rocket, is being pulled from its ashes. Pilot training will be provided by Captain Tom Dangerfield in an effort to beat the Soviet response. Time is of the essence. We cannot allow ourselves to lose the race for this unearthly mystery … Addendum: Over eleven hours ago, Tom Dangerfield and I encountered a woman of distinction who claims to be Anna Urisa, captain of the Guild scout ship from the planet Arseina, broadcasting the distress signal that we are now receiving. The validity of her story is unknown … our traditional beliefs and ideas may be the defining elements, limiting our ability to see the truth. I encourage everyone to see past our earthly limitations, as they may be our undoing …

About John Sparks

John Sparks embarked on a lifelong quest to find the origins of French radio signals in northern New York, only to discover that he lived just minutes from Quebec. Undeterred, John launched a new quest, 1950s technology to receive iPod videos. As a philosopher and freelance writer, John has traveled the United States teaching the value of passion writing, which he identifies as writing expressed as the voice of life flowing with ideas, visions, and dreams drawn into words representing the flow of the internal, touching the mind of the reader. John is an Unexploded Ordnance Technician certified by the Department of Defense.

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