Write a Book Foundation Volunteer Program

Apr 16, 2022

Are You Interested in Being a Part of Write a Book Foundation’s Volunteer Program?

Why Volunteer at Write a Book Foundation?

Write a Book Foundation is a literary and personal development nonprofit with the mission of advancing social equity and self-actualization through expressive writing and narrative therapy.  We hope to bring you all with us on this journey through volunteering! We also actively support our volunteers and interns through the following processes:

  1. Mentoring/training
  2. Positive references
  3. Consideration for paid opportunities


Before you apply, keep in mind that all volunteers must be at least 14 years of age and must make a commitment of minimum eight (8) hours per month.



Once you have consider these aspects….

Review the volunteer and internship opportunities we currently have available and choose how you would like to be a part of Write a Book Foundation!


Time: 10-15 hours/week || Frequency: minimum of 3 months


-Identify opportunities for brand recognition (e.g., radio, TV, newspapers)

-Develop materials for online articles, press releases, and newsletters

-Keep abreast of events and activities occurring at Write a Book Foundation

-Understand and present Write a Book Foundation’s core mission to external parties

-Coordinate and develop relationships with individuals in radio, TV, and newspapers seeking to showcase Write a Book Foundation in the media (via phone, email, and in-person)

-Develop a strategy to publicize Write  Book Foundation’s events and ultimately generate sponsorship potential

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Time: 10-15 hours/week || Frequency: minimum of 3 months

• Researches grants/funding opportunities from a variety of sources including but not limited to private foundations, government agencies, and other institutions
• Writes clear, understandable grant proposals that are concise, detailed and persuasive
• Manages the submission process for grant applications in the required format, length and with the requested supporting documentation
• Maintains records, files, and documents for past and present grant opportunities on shared network drives and Salesforce CRM
• Processes grant acknowledgments and agreements
• Collaboratively manages internal schedule of deadlines, work responsibilities, and deliverables for all grants
• Drafts, assembles, and submits interim and final grant reports with input from program teams
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Write A Book Foundation 

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