About the Book:Born into the Alexandra family, Lunar is a Representative prodigy, destined for greatness. She has never questioned the Representative or her role within it.
A notorious criminal, Sky doesn’t trust anything about the Representative. He knows they created the illness that spreads through the impoverished areas of the city.
When his friend Del is infected, Sky will do anything to save her, like break into a government facility to steal the cure. When Lunar’s sister Augusta tries to stop him, she winds up dead.
The Representative blames Sky for her murder. Now, the criminal is on the run, and Lunar will do anything to avenge her sister. They will both have to question everything they thought they knew and decide, who can they really trust?


About the Author: Bella Ashley is a twelve year old author and avid reader. You will often find her in a book store searching for a captivating series or in a quiet spot reading. Bella enjoys a wide variety of genres & styles of books which inspire her to write creatively.

Bella serves as a leader on the Peer Council at her middle school, Ravenscroft, in Raleigh, NC where she assists with peer mediation and conflict resolution. Bella’s elementary education stemmed from the Montessori curriculum where she attended The Montessori School of Raleigh. Bella enjoys all aspects of school and her passion is mainly due to her teachers that instill a love for learning along with being positive role models.

Science has always been an adored subject of hers. One of the first teachers that Bella was the most inspired by was Mr. Mark McLean, her 6th grade science teacher and advisor. He welcomed her as a new student to the Ravenscroft Community at the start of her middle school journey. Mr. McLean describes Bella as a student that is “willing to take risks and challenges to her learning, and when she falls short of her expectations, she graciously accepts her findings as a lesson learned instead of self-defeat. Bella demonstrates the spirit of learning! She is an exceptionally self-disciplined learner and the more I challenge her the more she pours her heart and mind into her learning.”

Traveling and discovering new things are favorite past times of Bella’s along with simple day trips. She likes to journey anywhere from the coast to the mountains of North Carolina all while listening to her favorite tunes.

Bella loves animals, spending time with her friends, and baking. Her love of baking lead to the launch of her small business, Bella’s Brownies (bellasbrownies.com). It sparked during the pandemic when she started baking brownies for the community and friends. She currently bakes to raise money for school fundraisers and to satisfy the sweet tooth of neighbors and locals.

Bella’s innovative and imaginative ideas excite her to make things and ignites her creativity. The creative process is often a mystery and the process she follows is beyond her years. She loves hearing stories from people’s past and is truly an old soul at heart. Her love for history and imagining past times is the basis for the novel she is currently writing.


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