How to Improve Your Writing Skills

Feb 8, 2020

If you’re truly interested in becoming a writer, know that it’s not simply something that happens overnight. If writing is a passion of yours that you want to focus on and begin honing your creative skills, there are a few tips you should consider to make your writings sound just a bit better.

4 Tips to Help You Learn How to Improve Your Writing Skills

  1. Keep A Journal

For starters, I know it may sound strange to some, but consider writing in a diary or a journal. Not only can this help make writing easier, it’s a perfect practice for becoming a better writer.

  • For example: You had a really bad day at work, your boss was being a pompous jerk, you spilled coffee on your new outfit, and on the way to work this morning- your window wouldn’t roll up, and it rained on your long drive home. Take all these emotions and implement them in your writing. You weren’t just ‘upset’, you were ‘furious, at the end of your rope, ready to haul off and slap someone!’ see how you can use your own feelings to learn how to describe emotions better, just from this simple example.

2. Read Books by Authors who Inspire You

If you have a passion for wanting to become a writer, you should first investigate some of the roots of the word. For instance, if you want to write horror books, consider reading works by Steven King. If romance is more your style, try reading some books by Nora Roberts. Doing this will allow you to see how the writer chooses their characters to interact and how they develop plots, allowing you the ability to take inspiration and apply them to your own style. Not to mention, even if you are already an established writer, reading a good book can help do away with frustrating writers block and help keep you inspired.

3. Write about Your Favorite Movie or TV Show

I know it almost sounds counterintuitive, but consider this practice to better your writings. Try watching your favorite TV show or movie, and as the film goes on, pause from time to time, write yourself a recap of what’s going on, as if you are trying to explain your favorite flick to your best friend.

  • For example: You just watched Batman defeat the bad guys on the latest episode of your favorite super hero TV show. Now practice writing in either first person or third person views. This could prove to be fun and inspiring!

4. Don’t Repeat Yourself

This is a key tip that separates a novice level writing piece from a more sophisticated article or writing. Phrases that you may often want to repeat, especially when you’re flowing with your writing, should be avoided to prevent the piece from becoming repetitive. Phrases like “he said” and using the characters name to always start a sentence or new paragraph, should be avoided. Instead of saying “he said” to many times, trying replacing the word “said” with words like, “exclaimed, demanded, reported, etc.” For more information on this, you should definitely check out a thesaurus! When it comes down a character’s name, instead of just saying “Gary” this and “Gary” that, try looking at the character a little deeper. What is Gary, if he was a baseball player trying saying, “the former baseball player exclaimed, or maybe say, “the retired athlete demanded.”

Above all else, practice and have fun when learning how to improve your writing skills!

Writing as a hobby shouldn’t feel like a chore. Hone in your skills, practice with these simple tips and you will be writing captivating pieces in no time!

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