How To Write A Book for the First Time

Feb 9, 2020

Sure, the concept of writing your first book can be understandably frustrating. Some people who have this idea get so frustrated in fact, that they quit before they even begin. I want to give you some tips and tricks on how to avoid that type of stress, and help guide you towards creating your very first book.

Instead of telling you what to focus on, these steps are better perceived if I tell you what NOT to focus on.

3 Tips to Help You Learn How to Write A Book for the First Time

  1. Don’t stress about the ending

This is one of the biggest hang ups for new writers. Do you have an incredible idea for a story in your head? So, you rush to create the outline for your story, and it’s going great too, until all of a sudden, you have to come up with an ending! Don’t sweat this step right now! It’s ok to take a few days to come up with a good ending, even longer if you need to, there is no rush! A good exercise is setting realistic goals for yourself.

  • For example. If you can write a few hundred words in a day, focus on writing just 1 page. If you can do more, then do more- but keep your goals reasonable. Patience is key, take your time and make it sound good.

2. Don’t give yourself a deadline

It’s your first book, enjoy it and learn from it. Your first attempt at creating your own book shouldn’t be a stressful experience. Take your time and like mentioned above, pace yourself with realistic goals. This will help you achieve your expectations fasters and also serve as a positive experience for driving you to want to complete your project. This will take a lot of time; it’s writing a book! They take way more time to write than they do to read, so don’t let yourself be intimidated. Maybe it takes a month, maybe it takes a few years – the thing to remember here is create something that you can be proud of, the more time and effort you put into your writings, the better they will turn out to be!

3. Don’t freak out about making it PERFECT!

Sure, you’ve read a lot of books and been checking out eBooks lately as well. They are all so eye catching and formatted to read so well. You find out, after you write your first chapter and go back to proofread it, that it is kind of hard to read, and doesn’t flow as well. Don’t worry about this right now! There are two different approaches that you can take at this stage, neither of which include freaking out over.

  • You go back and perfect the chapter- spend your next days writing time in just making it flow better.
  • Don’t worry about it right now, just keep on writing! When your book’s rough draft is finished, go back over it in waves of revisions making it sound better. Start out by maybe doing just a page a day or a chapter a day, and revise your work. Yes, it seems a bit painstaking, but this stage will pay off immensely, and all the hard work is already done, you just need to format your project.

With these quick little tips on how to write a book for the first time it could still seem a bit daunting…

I cannot stress to you enough that this process can easily be enjoyed if you really take the time and structure out a set of goals and expectations. Challenge yourself, but don’t overburden yourself. This experience shouldn’t be a stressful one, only take on what you can comfortably handle, and stay true to your passion! With these tips, you’ll be ready to publish your first book in no time!

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