The Universal Power and Greatness of Woman and Her Rulership by Yves Howard

“The Universal Power and Greatness of Woman and Her Rulership” is powerful in it’s simplicity; bold in its directness; and earth-shattering in the Oneness of the consciousness of every Woman who may take on this task, and to every Man who seeks to be a Divine Helper.

About the author: Yves Howard was born April 18th, 1961 and is from Los Angeles, California where he grew up (one of 13 children). Yves Howard , like so many others of his time and social surroundings, found himself incarcerated and faced with the consequences of decisions made without proper insight.
As time moved on, Mr. Howard grew and developed through an spiritual awakening, resulting in him producing many unpublished works based upon his experiences with various women of different races and cultures. Prevalent in any of his works is Yves Howard’s need to address the lack of acknowledgement and importance of women in every aspect of our lives, and the upliftment of women across the board.
Yves is currently involved in community outreach programs, in which the focus is how we as men, and/or young adults can and must adjust our thinking in order to better serve our families and community at large. First through self-awareness and second, through collaborative effort. Also in his spare time, Howard is an avid chess enthusiasts.

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